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MUMBAI: In a detailed order granting bail to a 23-year-old techie arrested from Hyderabad for allegedly posting rape threats to an Indian cricket star’s nine-month-old daughter on social media, a magistrate’s court observed that merely because the matter was connected to a respectable Indian cricket team member, his bail plea cannot be rejected.
Granting relief to Ramnagesh Akubathini, magistrate Komal Sing Rajput said from remarks posted and phraseology used in its natural course, it appeared it was made in context of other posts, and may not be directly addressed to the cricketer or his family. The court said as social media accounts are interconnected, it may have been read or received by them.
“This aspect for limited purpose of bail cannot be ignored. There appears to be some substance in submission of advocate for the accused,” the magistrate said.
Abhijeet Desai, advocate for the accused, submitted that the alleged post was in context of responses of people, it was singly picked up and an offence was registered. Desai argued that it was not directly connected with the cricketer or his family and cannot be read in isolation of other posts. The court said most offences were bailable.

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