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2022-06-06 00:36:49

Tribune News Service

Mandi, June 5

Researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Mandi, have developed state-of-art solutions for telecommunication technologies. The recent development of cooperative spectrum sensors enhances reusability of radiofrequency spectrum to meet the growing demand of data communication in future wireless communication applications.

Radiofrequency waves, or “spectrum”, as they are known in the telecommunication field, are low-energy radiation that is used in wireless communication. The wireless radiofrequency spectrum is a limited resource and is allocated by governments to telecom companies through a licensing process. The rapid growth in the wireless communication technology in recent years and the projected exponential increase due to the mass adoption of technology such as fifth-generation new-radio (5G-NR) and the Internet of Things (IoT) are expected to result in a massive demand for spectrum bands.

Rahul Shrestha, Assistant Professor, IIT-Mandi, says, “Given the fixed-spectrum allocation policy followed by many governments around the world, including ours, it becomes important to use the available spectrum intelligently. The Cognitive Radio Technology is considered one of the best ways to optimise spectrum use”.

Rohit B. Chaurasiya, research scholar, IIT-Mandi, says, “We have proposed implementation-friendly algorithms for cooperative spectrum sensing with lower computational complexity. We have also developed multiple new hardware-architectures for Cooperative Spectrum Sensor and their submodules”.

“This digital CSR ASIC-chip developed by the IIT-Mandi delivers excellent detection reliability of the primary user under real-world channel scenarios with the best hardware efficiency and fast sensing time. The CSR chip can be used with any handheld mobile wireless communication device for accessing the unused spectrum. It can be used in future 5G and 6G technologies for enhancing spectral efficiency,” he adds.

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