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NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court on Friday agreed to hear the plea of senior journalist N Ram seeking an independent probe into the Pegasus snooping matter.
Pitching for an urgent hearing, N Ram’s counsel Kapil Sibal said that the Pegasus issue is making waves in India and across the world.
“Civil liberties of citizens, politicians belonging to opposition parties, journalists, court staff have been put under surveillance,” Sibal told a SC bench led by CJI N V Ramana.
CJI N V Ramana said that the SC will hear the matter next week. However, Sibal said it should not be on Tuesday or Wednesday as he is busy with other matters. Commenting on this, the CJI said he would keep this in view while listing the matter for hearing.
Names of several opposition leaders including Rahul Gandhi, activists and 40 Indian journalists appeared on the leaked list of potential targets for surveillance by an unidentified agency using Pegasus spyware, according to reports published in The Wire.
The government has been denying all opposition allegations in the matter.
( With inputs from agencies)

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