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Viral Video: Woman Surprises Parents With Acceptance Letter To Optometry School

Gurjiv Kaur filmed her parents and their delighted reaction to her acceptance letter.

A Canada-based student told her parents she needed to film them reading a tongue twister for extra credit at school. Instead, she handed them her first acceptance letter, admitting her into a prestigious optometry school. What followed was pure joy, captured in a video that has exploded on social media. 

Gurjiv Kaur shared the video of her parents’ reaction to her acceptance letter on Twitter, where it has gone viral with over 9.7 million views. The footage begins with Ms Kaur placing her phone on a table to record her sitting with her parents. She hands the acceptance letter to her father, telling him it’s a tongue twister he needs to read out loud for the camera – an assignment, she says, for extra credit at school. 

What the parents soon find out is that the paper is actually their daughter’s acceptance letter into the Texas-based University of the Incarnate Word Rosenberg School of Optometry.

The video captures her parents’ delighted reaction to the news. “Oh my God, this is incredible,” exclaims her father, as Ms Kaur laughs at their delighted reactions. 

“So I told my parents we were making a video for extra credit but what they actually read was my first acceptance into optometry school,” she wrote while sharing the clip on Twitter last week.

The video has clocked in over 9.7 million views on the microblogging platform, where many said it was the perfect dose of wholesome content they needed to brighten up their day.

“Your Dad is the absolute cutest thing in the world. He is SO proud of you,” wrote one viewer.

“I can’t stop watching this! Your parents reaction is wonderful,” said another. 

Twitter users thought it was endearing the way her father even read out “comma” while reading the acceptance letter.

Ms Kaur later clarified to say her surname is not “Comma”, as people assumed after watching the clip.

“I didn’t expect so many people to see this but so so glad it brought you all joy,” Ms Kaur said of her viral Internet fame in follow-up tweets. “We are humbled by all the love and encouragement you all have shown. Thank you for your kind words,” she added. 

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