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Mumbai Doctor Couple Collects 20 Kg Of Unused Covid Medicines In 10 Days

The couple has collected 20 kilograms of unused Covid-19 medicines from recovered patients.

Mumbai (Maharashtra):

A doctor couple in Mumbai is collecting medicines from those who have recovered from COVID-19 and providing them to needy patients.

On May 1, Dr Marcus Ranney and his wife Dr Raina started Meds For More – a citizen initiative to collect unused medicines from Covid recovered patients.

“We started this initiative 10 days ago. We collect medicines from housing societies and provide them to those who can not afford them,” Dr Marcus Ranney told ANI.

“The idea came when one of the family members of our staff got infected from Covid and they needed medication. As you know the medicines can be expensive. At that time there were a few people who had recovered from Covid, so we decided to take their medicines and donate them,” said Dr Raina.

“After that, we took the help from 7-8 people of neighbouring buildings and set up a team and started this mission with the objective of helping those who can not go out to buy medicines or anyone who can’t afford the Covid medicines,” she added.

The couple has collected 20 kilograms of unused Covid-19 medicines from recovered patients in just 10 days. These medicines will be donated to the primary health care centres in rural districts across India for the timely treatment of the underprivileged, who are infected due to Covid.

“We have now 100 buildings that are sending medicines to us. We are a team of eight people and of course, the volunteers in different buildings. Last week, we collected 20 kilograms of medicines, which have been packaged and given to our NGO partners,” said Dr Marcus Ranney.

Meds for More collects all kinds of unused medicines such as antibiotics, Fabiflu, pain relief, steroids, inhalers, vitamins, antacids, among others, that are being used to treat Covid-19 patients. Additionally, they are also collecting basic medicinal equipment like pulse oximeters and thermometers.

With growing awareness about the initiative, residents from neighbouring buildings have started volunteering to collect medicines.

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