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Photographed by Amit Mali. Styling by Shweta Navandar. Art direction by Mallika Chandra. Hair and make-up by Kiran Denzongpa at Feat. Artists. Models: Roshan Poulose, at Inega Management, and Giaa Singh Arora. Fashion assistant: Sarah Rajkotwala

Rooted in an amalgamation of design and art, the technique of prosthetics and special effects, make-up occupies a niche yet imperative space in cinema; it creates what doesn’t yet exist or builds upon a subject’s features and appendages. We take a broader view of this concept and the experience of having external forms and materials attached to our bodies – the added weight, the restriction or facilitation of movement, the perception of texture – and correlate it to the world of fashion. In the face of a new way of living and being, Verve interprets ensembles and accessories as surreal extensions of the human shape, a creative reflection of our augmented reality.

syndicated from Verve magazine

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