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Parashuram Jayanti 2021: Date, Significance And All You Need To Know

Parshurama Jayanti: The day coincides with Akshaya Tritiya on May 14th

Parashuram Jayanti coincides with the Akshaya Tritiya this year. Parashuram Jayanti is on April 14. On this day, it is believed that Parashuram, the sixth avatar or the warrior form of Lord Vishnu was born. Parashuram Jayantifalls on the third day of the Full Moon phase or Shukla Paksha in the month of Vaishakh. Parashuram Jayanti is believed to be an auspicious day and people like to start new businesses on this day.  According to mythology, Lord Parashuram descended on earth to remove the evil. Parashuram Jayanti is observed across the country with great devotion. Many people engage in charity work on this day.

Parashuram Jayanti 2021: Date amd time

  • Parashuram Jayanti is on Friday, May 14th
  • Tritiya Tithi begins at – 5:38 AM on May 14th
  • Tritiya Tithi ends at 7:59 AM on May 15th 

Parashuram Jayanti 2021: 10 significant things to know 

  1. According to Hindu scriptures, Lord Parashuram, unlike other gods, still lives on the Earth
  2. Like Shiva, Rama, Krishna and other gods, Parashuram is not worshipped.
  3. Devotees engage in distributing food and clothing and other items to the poor. 
  4. Fasting on this day is known to be very beneficial for everyone. 
  5. Parashuram Jayanti is celebrated in all parts of India with lot of enthusiasm and joy.
  6. Temples dedicated to Parashuram are very rare. Udupi in southern Karnataka is often referred to as Parashurama Kshtera
  7. India. 
  8. Parashurama chose Pajaka, a place 16 km from Udupi, for his meditation
  9. On Parashuram Jayanti, devotees worship Lord Vishnu and fast from morning till evening.
  10. Tulsi leaves, flowers, kumkum, chandan and sweets are offered to Lord Vishnu.

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