April 17, 2021

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Shocking decision by Trinamool leader ahead of the Bengal polls

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sk ajgar ali

As a politician it is the responsibility of all the leaders and political workers/ activists that they balance between the goals of the party/ideology with the Supporters and their often overwhelming expectations.

In light of certain recent events it’s clear that through his activities, the Haldia based famous Trinamool youth leader and district vice president and a renowned social worker Mr. Sk Ajgar Ali sparked certain expectation among the youth brigade of the party where they expected and devoutly demanded that he be given the tickets to contest in this election.
Since this is not a decision that a leader can take on their own, but is rather decided by the party’s administration. And as per our sources, it’s being said that Mr. Ajgar Ali feels that even though it was unintended from his point of view, but as a youth leader he feels that through his actions he gave the youth of the district certain hopes that he feels he has failed to live up to.

sk ajgar ali

And as such he’s expressed his desire to withdraw himself from all positions offered to him by the party and remain in the party only as a party worker for at least as long as he feels he’s not ready to take on the burden of such expectations.

Does this mean, the prominent Haldia based leader is following the footsteps of so many before him in the party and attempting a switch just ahead of the elections?

We will be keeping a keen eye upon how the party administrations accept this news and what steps they take to repair what seems to be a very fragile situation for the party and their youth front.

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