April 11, 2021

Sambaad Patra

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Dire wolves were the last of an ancient New World canid lineage – Nature.com

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  • A.R.P., K.J.M., A.M., R.K.W., G.L., L.A.F.F. and A. Cooper conceived the project and designed the research; A.R.P. and K.J.M. coordinated the sample collection efforts with input from R.K.W., G.L., L.A.F.F. and A. Cooper; A.R.P., K.J.M., A.H.-B., J.M., C.A., J.C.C., A.E., P.G., J.K., A.L., A.T.O., S.P., B.W.S., M.T., M.J.C., M.-H.S.S., M.T.P.G., A.C.S., B.S., B.V.V., R.W.K. and A. Cooper provided and/or collected samples; A.R.P., K.J.M., R.K.W., A.M., C.S., J.H., A.J., A.T.S., P.B. and H.H. conducted the genomic laboratory work; K.J.M., A.M., G.G., G.L., L.A.F.F. and A. Cooper conducted the analyses of the genomic data; S.A.-C., A.H.-B., J.M., C.A., K.M.H., and A.E. conducted the morphological analyses; A.R.P., K.J.M., A.M., S.A.-C., B.V.V., K.M.H., R.K.W., G.L., L.A.F.F. and A. Cooper wrote the paper with input from all other authors.

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