April 11, 2021

Sambaad Patra

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NASA Is Streaming the SpaceX Cargo Dragon Leaving the Space Station on Monday – Thrillist

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You’ll see the undocking start with the Dragon firing thrusters to get a safe distance from the ISS. Then the spacecraft will initiate a deorbit burn to begin the re-entry sequence, per NASA. The craft is expected to parachute its way down into the Atlantic Ocean around 9 pm. Though, you’re not going to see the deorbit burn and splashdown on NASA TV. 

The SpaceX craft will land near the coast of Florida, allowing for a speedy dropoff at the Kennedy Space Center’s Space Station Processing Facility. As the agency noted in its announcement, the “shorter transportation timeframe allows researchers to collect data with minimal loss of microgravity effects.”

The Dragon launched on December 6 from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, taking a 24-hour trek to the orbiting lab. It brought more than three tons of hardware and supplies. On the trip back, it’ll be bringing back a cardinal heart used to study the effects of microgravity on hearts, among many other experiments ready to come home. 

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