January 20, 2021

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All You Need to Know About Sourav Ganguly’s Heart Condition – News18

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Sourav Ganguly Health Update: All You Need to Know About Ischemic Heart Disease & More

Around 11.30 AM, BCCI President Sourav Ganguly blacked out for a short while after working out in the gym at his residence in Behala in South Kolkata. He was soon rushed to the Woodlands Multi-speciality Hospital. Later, renowned Cardiologist Dr Aftab Khan addressed the media and said: “He had a mild heart attack but he is stable now after Angioplasty. He is completely conscious. He is stable and better.”

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As news of his mild heart attack started pouring in – his fans and well wishers from across the world started wishing for his speedy recovery.Well known personalities started making a beeline at the hospital to stand besides his family. A medical bulletin later said that he had a ‘family history of Ischemic Heart Disease.’

So, in simple terms – what is Ischemic Heart Disease?

The term ‘Ischemic’ came from the word ‘Ischemia’, which means inadequate blood supply. It can happen in anybody organ but in this case ‘inadequate blood supply’ was reported in his heart and hence doctors termed his condition as ‘Ischemic Heart Disease’. The main cause behind this condition: Significant blockages in his three arteries. Right Coronary Artery, Left Circumflex Artery and Left Anterior Descending Artery. Doctors claimed that he had 90 percent blockages in all his three arteries.

The doctors who were attending him said that he was admitted to the hospital withing the first six hours of the first symptoms, also known as the ‘golden period.’ This helped complete his Angioplasty and put the Stent to open one of the blocked arteries on time.

What is Angioplasty? In which artery it was done and why it was required in Sourav Ganguly’s case?

Angioplasty is a procedure to restore blood flow through the artery, in which doctor inserts a thin tube through a blood vessel in the arm/groin up to the artery, which needs to be opened through a tiny balloon attached to a tiny metal spring on the end of the tube. Once inserted, the doctors inflate the tube which helps the tiny metal spring to expand and opens the blocked artery. The entire process is known as Stenting. Doctors performed an Angioplasty in Right Coronary Artery and decisions to remove blockage from the other two arteries will be taken on Monday. As per a health survey, nearly 85 percent of heart patients in South East Asia suffer from ‘Right Coronary Artery Ischemia’.

So, the next question is why doctors decided to go for Angioplasty in Right Artery first and not the other two (Left Circumflex Artery and Left Anterior Descending Artery) blocked arteries. Aren’t the ‘Left circumflex Artery’ and ‘Left Anterior Descending Artery’ not that important?

Not at all, all the arteries are important but since the ‘Electrocardiogram’ pointed to ‘Right Coronary Artery Blockage’ as the primary reason behind Saurav’s ‘mild heart attack’ – the doctors decided to cure it first by following the ‘first stage of medical guidelines’. Since his ‘Right Coronary Artery’ was cured through ‘Stenting’ – his heart can work normally till doctors cure the rest of his blocked arteries. As of now, there is nothing to worry about.

In medical terms, after a heart attack, there is a risk of thrombosis (blood clots in blood vessels) then it becomes difficult for the doctors to go for ‘Stenting’. But in Saurav’s case, since the ‘Stenting’ was done successfully through ‘loading doses of dual antiplatelets’ (doses/medicines which prevent blood from clotting), it is assumed that there is no damage to his heart walls and muscles.

Then comes his ‘Electrocardiogram’ (ECG) report which showed ‘HyperAcute ST-Segment Elevation in Inferior Leads and Lateral Leads’. In simple terms it means – during ECG, the electrical vectors/waves do not reflect sequentially on the machine. It helps the doctors to reach the root of the heart problem and to identify the cause of heart attack of any patients.  His ECG also showed ‘mild inferior wall Hypokinesia’ with ‘preserved overall left ventricular function’.

The ‘mild inferior wall Hypokinesia’ and ‘preserved overall left ventricular function’ mean abnormal functioning of Saurav’s heart when he was admitted to the hospital (before treatment).

In such cases, the lower left chamber of the heart is unable to get adequate blood flow due to blocked arteries. And, due to restricted blood supply, the heart starts functioning abnormally and it causes a heart attack. In this case, there is nothing worry about as Saurav was already undergoing Angioplasty to maintain the health of their heart. The medical bulletin also mentioned Saurav’s normal ‘Hemodynamics’ parameters. In simple terms, it means his pulse rate (resting heart rate) and blood pressure is normal.

Known for his fitness, one may question how can his heart arteries had blockages?

Experts say this can happen for many reasons, one could be genetic. The medical bulletin categorically mentioned that ‘he had a family history of Ischemic heart disease.’

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Stress could also be another reason as Ganguly is holding a very responsible position as BCCI president. These medical terms may sound very complicated but in simple terms, we can say that his condition is completely stable and there is nothing to worry about for his fans and his family members.

It is just a matter of a few days and Dada will be back in the field again.

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